Custom Shower Enclosures are often thought of as only for the top of the line or custom home but think about it some more. You spend from fifty to 100 hours a year in the shower. It is part of your daily experience that revives you, awakens you for the day, relaxes you at the end of a hard day of work or play and can easily be one of the most enjoyable sensations of your day.

Spending a little more on something that will provide a higher level of functionality and beauty is worth considering. Your sense of pride and well-being will be enhanced each time you use your custom shower enclosure.For some, the enclosure is just the door assembly, but consider the walls, floors, and ceiling, and plumbing fixtures as part of a complete solution. Today enclosures create a complete environment. If you really want to have the ultimate experience, look at multiple water spray configurations, steam and the addition of multimedia as part of the shower experience. Yes, I know you like to sing in the shower, so why not accompany yourself with great sound as well. So let’s look at some of the options you can consider as part of a custom shower enclosure.

  • Walls
  • Floor
  • Ceiling
  • Entry Door
  • Plumbing
  • Multimedia
  • Accessories

Walls The enclosure walls are the most visible part of the shower experience. They can be of synthetic stone, natural stone, tile, glass, or polymer panels. All of these options provide a wide array of style and functionality options. The option that will meet your requirements for ease of use, cleaning along with the sense of style that you like will allow you to create a unique statement of your taste and sensibility. Floor Often the floor is overlooked as a custom design element. New perimeter drain options allow you to have open and unobstructed entry options that allow for easy access into the custom shower enclosure. There are some new designs that have the drains completely hidden from view, giving a seamless appearance across the entire flooring surface. Again, materials can be matched or mixed with the wall finishes. Often a contrast of color and pattern will create a pleasing effect. Ceiling The ceiling is often the most unobserved surface in the shower area, but it can become a focal point. If you consider lighting and the possibility of the shower ceiling becoming a window to the skies, it suddenly becomes a natural light source that enhances the entire bath environment. The ceiling has been a traditional location for water outlets, but it can be much more if you let your imagination run free. Entry Door The entry door is often the statement that sets the stage for the rest of the shower experience. For some it is framed, for others, it disappears. For some, it does not even exist. Think of the entry door as a portal to the shower experience and it begins to take on a whole new dimension. Plumbing Fixtures This is the main business of custom shower enclosures and the options for modern enclosures have blossomed in the past few years. You can now have a completely programmable shower experiences that manage water flow, temperature, water massage, and aromatherapy. A different experience for the deep massage and steam therapy after a hard workout or a bracing awakening after sleep. The choice is yours. Multimedia and Accessories Sound is part of a shower, it sets up a feeling and emotional experience. integrating sound with your bathing experience can be an enjoyable addition. The other accessories that allow you to dispense cleansers, lotions and emollients easily add to the experience. Sometimes a simple shelf and hook can make a huge difference in the ease of use. Think of custom shower enclosures as your escape from the world around you. Your own special world you make for yourself. When you do, you suddenly find it’s like taking a mini-vacation every day.